Friday, May 31, 2013

Hack Pengle on Facebok free

There is a new software on internet called Flash hacking with this software you can hack Pengle game.For that first you have to sign up to this site for the username and password to unlock the software.

This hack includes:- Boosters/gate/newlevels/reimbursement
                               Disable bombs

Register at this forum:-
Download this software:-

Use the username and password in which you signed up at the above forum to login to the software.

Then you will see a list of games.In it select Pengle and click import button.

In import window you can choose some processors.If you have

Google chrome :- Flashplayerplugin_11_XX_XXX

Firefox :-plugin-container.exe

Opera :- opera_plugin_wrapper.exe

 select the process for your browser and click attach and click continue and start hacking ^_^.

Thank DaSpammer for the hack in the forum.

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